Damage Calculator (and other utilities)

I have been using this since around when it came out. It is definitely one of the best resources out there. I've seen others try to mimic this, but nothing was as good as this product.
you, my friend are going to heaven for this <3

i love it so much - especially the damage calculator and the synergy-function and wait - everything.

im 2 weeks offline now and its amazing to work with!!
Thanks, this is possible the best tool I have ever come across and it saves me so much time looking around google for everything that is included in this one spread sheet, so thank you.

Wonderful! But if there is one thing I may request:

Is there any possible way for us to import our teams into it through the standard "export" format?

If not, can the pokemon in my team be made alphabetical?

thank you :)
I'm pretty sure its there...
Lol @ Bump, but this thing Deserves to stay up here! I say we get developers to put the Gen 5 sets in!
I did notice a couple more things with this file that are off. The Damage part doesn't calculate Psyshock and Psystrike correctly, still using the opponent's SpD stat in the calculation instead of Defense like it should. Some things are not quite correctly translated as well, like the Japanese "Balloon" over the English "Air Balloon".

Just reporting as I find things. Still the best calculator I've ever used!
No offense to the creator of the calculator, but I don't understand why you would use this calc when you could use libelldra(cherubi), it's much more streamlined and gives direct results more quickly. The fact that it has sets is useful, but generally you don't need to do more than one or two specific calcs when you're trying to figure out the viability of sets or attack strength anyway.
While I haven't used the other one you said, this one allows a lot of playing around with numbers and sets. The main thing for me is that this one is an offline one. This comes with all the data, move descriptions, and teambuilder-type stuff of other resources, but all in that offline mode. That's my biggest selling point.
^agreed. I'm often stuck with no internet (or LOADS of blocked sites) so having a shortcut to the worlds BEST teambuilding tool EVAR on my desktop is a real bonus, I always use this before opening PO...
This needs to be bumped because it is awesome and I use it all the time, and people are always asking for a great damage calculator, not realizing there's a great one right here!
It doesn't read most gen 5 movesets in the damage calc. They will show up in the movesets list... just not in the calc. Some gen 5 pokes don't show up in poke list in damage calc either.
i am having the same problems as Santuga and Seth Vilo: Sheer Force isn't working, and neither is Psyshock. Is this fixable?

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